veronicos said: Why do you answer and help others if you, as I see, suffer yourself? Is it your way to feel better? How are you?

Sometimes it does but sometimes I’m in such a bad place I don’t have the right words to help. I’m ok. Stay strong.

veronicos said: I don't think I can write you. So you don't know me, and I don't know you. I just ask myself if there is anything in this world I can do well, or good at. Thank you for time I am sorry, ugh. I don't know. I don't know how to believe there is something I am good at. I am sure I am not a total fail, oh no, I am great. Or maybe I am absolutely wrong, or slightly wrong. Maybe there is nothing I am good at anymore. Then I don't deserve good as well. I am sorry, it sounds like some usual tmblr pain.

No one is perfect but you don’t deserve all this pain you seem to think you do. Unless you have harmed another or something awful.0, you deserve a life just as much as everyone else. It’s hard to accept the fact that you do when you hate yourself. Trust me. That’s a battle that is hard to win. But you must work at it. You aren’t the worst person in the world. Everyone has their flaws. You aren’t alone. You can get through this. People love you. Stay strong.

The day is coming soon. Whether I am ready or not.

The day is coming soon. Whether I am ready or not.

Everything keeps getting worse. I am so sorry.

Everything keeps getting worse. I am so sorry.

Anonymous said: I just want peace... And nobody give it to me, im completely TIRED !!!!!!

Me too love. I don’t want to keep fighting a battle i can’t win.

But I’m still fighting like hell.

But I’m still fighting like hell.

Anonymous said: Can you live with yourself knowing that you could've saved your girlfriend just by fighting for her instead of saying goodbye? Every time she pushed me away, I didn't give up on her. 4 years later, I thought she didn't love me, so we said our goodbyes. Me not knowing it was goodbye forever.Will It be selfish to leave ur family and friends. I miss her so much and I can't live like this anymore. Not without her. Please tell me what to do. All I feel is regret & guilt.ijust want to be with her.

It is not your fault she died love. You couldn’t have saved her. Even if you would liked to have think you could have, you couldn’t. Just from knowing how she felt, i know you couldn’t have. She most likely made up her mind in it long before. She choose to go. You weren’t the reason. You loved her to the best to your ability and thats all you could do. But the thing is you need to go on living your life and be as happy as you can because you know thats what she would want. You can do this. Its not your fault for her death. Stay strong. I love you and i know she did too.

Anonymous said: Id like to be strong as you, bc sometimes i really cant handle it..... I lost so many friends and its getting harder when i think im getting better. A friend that i really trust on, is my virtual friend ive never seen her face to face, just skype, facetime, twitter and this stuffs... But im afraid of losing her, she's not beside me so she has so many friends! I cant even hug her when i need the most, when im about to self harm... You know what i mean? I dont have no one to give me a REAL hug..

I understand completely. I have lost all my friend except for two. But i think you should be confident in this friendship with this girl. It is better to have someone rather then no one. The thing with getting better is how hard it is. I know it seems like it is getting worse and maybe it is, but you can get through it. There is an end to the pain. Talk to your friend about your fear. Sometimes it helps to get reassured. You can do this. I love you. Stay strong.

Anonymous said: I have a dream to go to The X Factor next year (2015) i actually have the potential to do it as my friends say... I really want it, i cry of it, wishing God to make it come true as soon as he can! But i dont have de support of my parents... They say i have to study and be someone really smart. I mean, i have a second plan of course, but i need the help of my parents to get there! And i dont have it, and it hurts...

This is tough. Your parents are the people who have raised you and supported you. They protect you. What i am going to say is probably not what you want to hear, but remember it is just what i think. I think you need to talk to your parents. Explain how much you want this. I know you have tried already but it doesn’t hurt to try again. They probably will turn it down. And i am sorry. Your parents are the people who know whats best for you. Its gonna suck if they don’t let you yes but you can get past this. You can put our focus on other things and work hard to prove to your parents that you are smart that you can do the things you want. Maybe this voice thing isn’t the right timing now but keep your head up.

Anonymous said: So i got depressed since last year, i suffer from platonic love, he has a girlfriend, and i cant handle it.... I think that she actually makes him happy n sometimes i dont.... Yes, he's famous and people think their relationship is fake as i think, but i dont like to see them together even if it's fake.... Well i dont have no probs with her, shes beautiful and has a really good voice, but i really LOVE HIM, and it hurts.... A lot... My wrist dont have more space to get hurt tbhWhat should I do?

Honey, i think you should let him know how you feel. But if you love him, if you really love him, then if this girl really makes him happy then you have to let him go. Loving someone is wanting them to be happy. I know it is hard. Probably one of the hardest things to do, but if you love him tell him, maybe he feels the same. Try but if it fails, maybe it is time to let him go.