Anonymous said: I'm afraid to get close to a guy because I'm scared of him seeing my scars and leaving

Don’t be. If someone doesn’t like you with your scars then then don’t deserve you. Those scars are part of your past that’s why they are called scars. You deserve someone who will love all of you. Past present and future.

Life isn’t for everyone

Life isn’t for everyone

i swept up
the broken pieces
of myself
that still remained;
and when i
tried to put them
back together
it wasn’t the same
She always loved the sea, but that never explained
why I saw shipwrecks in her smile. She was the type
of girl that slipped out of your fingers like sand,
especially when you tried to hold on too tight, she
didn’t like being too close. She’d crash into men like
the waves crashed into rocks, she thought she would
find herself in them but she never did. I told her she
already had something. I told her that the emotions
she held inside her were gifts to be written and given,
but instead she swallowed pills that took them away.
She asked me if I believed in heaven and I said yes,
and followed it with a don’t go without me. She shook
away the smile on her face and said one day she’d meet
me between the sea and the sun, I didn’t understand
what the hell she meant so I just said okay. It wasn’t
until the next day I called her in the morning and got no
answer, no answer, no answer.
The last time I caught a glimpse of her was when I set
her ashes free, between the sun and the sea. Where
she wanted to be.
I feel like I am bursting at the seams
Like there isn’t a part of me that is free
Like the weight of the world has finally taken its toll.
I ask myself if I have felt this way before
I ask myself if it would get better soon
I ask myself if it matters anyway
Because all I can think of is the pain
The intensifying pain that I can’t put my finger on
It’s nowhere and everywhere at the same time
It’s tearing me apart
How can that be?
I ask myself if I finally do explode,
If my thoughts finally undo me,
Will someone look for the fragments?
Or will it just be,
Broken me.

I am simply a sad person.

I love all of you guys and i am always here if you need me.

I love all of you guys and i am always here if you need me.

zalvazst said: Society sucks. I know how they look at me, there is a word that is stored in his glance. I know they are disgusted, they don't like where I am. what should I do? if every day I have to shut myself in the classroom? without buying a meal or drink or I have to look down when I walk in front of people? or I have to leave school? or even I had to leave everyone forever? or I let it all happen to me? until when? until I was fed up and cut my veins? cmon just tell me what should i do

I am so sorry you are having such a hard time. But i don’t know if what i am going to say is what you will want. My view on society is that yes it is awful but do you know who makes up society? Us. All of us. Don’t try to fit in with other. Be yourself. You are perfect the way you are. Yes people are judge mental assholes but we have to learn to start not caring what others think. In the end we really only have ourselves sadly. It takes time and strength to learn to love yourself and be proud of who you are but if you work toward it you can so it! I believe in you love. This isn’t the end of your story. This is just a part of it. Its hard but you will get through it. Don’t give up. I love you and am always here for you.

Anonymous said: Have a good day love x

Aw thank you so much! You too!

veronicos said: Why do you answer and help others if you, as I see, suffer yourself? Is it your way to feel better? How are you?

Sometimes it does but sometimes I’m in such a bad place I don’t have the right words to help. I’m ok. Stay strong.